martedì 25 novembre 2014

The madness that acts!

You know, people are much more intelligent than animals that Allah created. But people are different according to be wise and understanding. Some people's conscience are very low, while others have a wide and an open mind. Those who their conscience is very low (marka geel loo heesaayo ayay ari u heesaan), they speak only on what they dreamt in the night. they try to imitate what other people say. they are lack of conscious. They sometimes call themselves what they are not. they are irritable and angry.They mostly forgers the activities of other people like, writings, titles, words etc. They think they know more things than others. The worst thing of this people is, they want only talking they donot want to listen Ideas of others or they grab the speech when they know the subject of the speech and began to talking pla, pla pla... They only pretend what they see among the people, they are referred to as : The madness that acts. (waalida dhaqanta).
These people have the three signs of hypocrical; 1- when they speak , they lie. 2- when they promise,they break. 3- when they are entrusted they betray.
   My Allah make them pass the wright path and give them a good health.

Dr. Abdulrahim li Yusuf

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